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You're in safe hands at The Fix Program.


At The Fix Program® we offer a range of physiotherapy services, all under the skillful eyes, hands and minds of our team of physiotherapists.

And all of this to better the outcome for YOU. Whether that be completing that next race, winning the grand final, enjoying your favourite past times, sitting pain free at your desk at work, or wrestling with the kids at home in the backyard.

We understand that your injury is impacting your life, your work, your sports and hobbies and we want to get you back as soon as possible to the physical activities you love doing.

Our physio and Pilates clinic is located in Sydney CBD in Wellshare. If you need a physio then call or email us.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is an allied health profession where when working with people, we can maximise their movement, provide physical therapy for their pain and improve their function. This can improve the quality of life and wellbeing in all those we treat.

The physiotherapy profession is underpinned by strong evidenced-based practice, meaning that our knowledge, skills and treatment approaches are all backed by the latest in research. This results in the best for our clientèle.

Physiotherapists at The Fix Program love to get you moving your best. With great assessment, hands-on treatment and exercise prescription, all centered around you.

What should I expect from physiotherapy?

With physiotherapy, we believe in managing your symptoms of pain and discomfort. We combine this with early active management using exercise as phyical therapy. We also love looking at the whole you, often called the 'holistic approch'. This way we can find, and better "fix" the causes of your injury.

At The Fix Program, your initial physiotherapy assessment will take 60 minutes. During this time, we will:

A physiotherapist will chat with you about your condition

This includes all details about your injury, history of prior injuries, your usual exercise and activity levels and your goals after this injury.

Assess you physically

Our physiotherapists will look at how you move, your pain, your movement coordination and control, your spinal and pelvic alignment and stability, and the movement of your nervous system.

Treat the symptoms and start you on exercises appropriate to your pain and target areas.

Our physiotherapists will draw from our wealth of treatment approaches and clinical experience to massage, manipulate, realign, mobilise and stretch you. And you’ll have your exercise homework to work on independently.


Talking with you about your injury is imperative to help you recover quicker. The better you understand your injury, the more it can all make sense – from your treatment in the physiotherapy clinic to your exercises at home. This can include anatomy and causes of your injury, suggested changes you can make in posture or movement to aid with healing and prevent re-injury, and the expected course of physiotherapy expected to maximise your outcome. Education is a powerful tool for healing.

So what happens after your initial session?

You will be guided through your subsequent treatment sessions by your physiotherapist after this assessment, with your management plan combining:

  • 30, 45 or 60 minute physiotherapy sessions
  • Ongoing hands-on treatment in the physiotherapy treatment rooms
  • Combined sessions of hands-on physiotherapy with precise and targeted exercise in the Pilates and exercise studios
  • Exclusive exercise sessions as you pass out of the early stages of injury and pain in our Pilates based exercise studios
  • Re-assessment of your movement, strength, movement control and your goals
  • Small class mat-based Pilates, core and trunk stability programs.

Remember, we have your goals in mind and will help you to achieve them the best way we know how. And all while using the latest physiotherapy research and evidence to do so.

How much will I pay for physiotherapy services at The Fix Program?

All of our physiotherapy sessions attract a rebate with most private health fund providers nationally. We claim on the spot for you with the HICAPS system, meaning no further chasing up rebates by you with your fund providers. All you need to do is pay the gap.

Our physiotherapy charges are

Initial physiotherapy assessment (45 minutes) $185
Follow up 60 minute extended appointment $170
Follow up 45 minute extended appointment $155
Follow up 30 minute standard appointment $140

Please note that our Pilates based classes services have a slightly different fee structure and can be viewed on our website.

If you are calling to arrange for a Pilates assessment or session null) services, please let our admin staff know when you call.

What do I do next?

Contact us. You don't need a doctor's referral to see our physiotherapists. We'll be happy to chat about your needs.

Physiotherapy Services

What other physiotherapy services does The Fix Program provide?

In addition to our physio treatment rooms and exercise studios, we offer the following physiotherapy services:

  • women’s health physiotherapy for the treatment of pelvic floor troubles.
  • small mat Pilates based classes taught by our physiotherapists, also combining exercises from Yoga, Feldenkrais, Swiss balls, squat and lunges.
  • individual and duet rehabilitative mat based Pilates sessions taught by our physiotherapists.
  • pregnancy physio and post-natal physio and Pilates specific classes to rehabilitate your pelvic floor and improve your pregnancy and post-natal postures and 'inner strength', taught by our physiotherapists.
  • ergonomic physiotherapy assessments back at your work places to better your work postures, prevent re-injury and improve your happiness at work. We can write you reports and make recommendations on equipment and suppliers to suit your physical work demands and better your postures in sitting and standing.
  • biomechanical video assessments by a physio of running and walking on the treadmill to really get a good look at how you move, diagnose actual and potential stressors to your injury and help with a highly targeted management and exercise plan.
  • running and cycling specific core stability exercise groups (taught by physiotherapists) for those of you really testing your bodies.
  • treatment of work-related injuries under the NSW Workers Compensation act.
  • treatment of motor vehicle injuries under the NSW Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance act.

What do I do next?

Contact us. You don't need a doctor's referral to see our physiotherapists. We'll be happy to chat about your needs.

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