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Fix Your Back Pain. Sore Back. Poor Posture.

Back pain is such a powerful thing it can actually "switch off" some of the deep muscles close to the back and neck. This can happen very soon after you first get a back pain (possibly within the first 48 hours).

The deep muscles in the lower back and abdomen normally provide support to the bones (and discs) of the lower back area when you move around.

The deep set of muscles in this area are often referred to as your "core stabilising muscles". Sometimes the core stabilising muscles are likened to a "deep corset".

It doesn’t seem logical that when you have back pain, the supporting muscles go on a holiday, and stop working for you, but it’s true see the evidence for back pain treatment.

The same thing happens when a person gets neck pain. There are deep muscles near the larynx (voice box) which "switch off" or become inhibited when neck pain is present.

When back pain or neck pain eventually goes away, our core stabilising muscles in the back and neck region do not automatically "switch on". Special muscle retraining exercises are needed to wake up the deep core stabilising muscles in most people who have ever suffered with back pain or neck pain.

The Fix Program will teach you how to do core stability and Pilates exercises that wake up and strengthen your core muscles, and fix your back pain and neck pain. Your back will love you for it!

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