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Who should be referred to The Fix Program?

The Fix Program will assist an injured worker when:

  • They are not on their pre injury duties.
  • They have not yet met their full rehabilitation goal and it can be argued that a work related conditioning program will increase their chance of achieving their goal.
  • They have reached a plateau in their objective improvements with manual or passive treatments.
  • They are deconditioned (as assessed by physical testing).
  • Their injury will respond to muscular strengthening and spinal stabilising exercise and education.

Injured workers can be referred with any type of soft tissue injury including work related upper limb disorder (WRULD), postural and/or pain problems in the neck and back area, shoulder, arm, back and leg area.

Usually clients will be 4 weeks or more post injury with some risk factors for delayed recovery having been identified.

Sometimes this period is known as the “sub-acute” injury period. We are highly experienced in helping clients with chronic and complex conditions also, such as Complex Regional Pain Syndromes (CRPS) and for clients with multi-factorial psycho-social barriers present and contributing to their ongoing injury.

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