Pregnancy Pilates

Prenatal & Postnatal

Pilates for Pregnancy. Taught by physiotherapists for the wellbeing of you and your baby.

The Fix Program® combines state of the art core stability exercises, pregnancy Pilates exercises, pelvic floor strengthening, stretching and mobility exercises suitable during pregnancy, labour and beyond.

Our pregnancy Pilates programs are designed by Physiotherapists and endorsed by Obstetricians with you and your baby in mind.

Our Physiotherapists will guide you through our two pregnancy Pilates programs with an emphasis on exercise and education to give you confidence, strength and knowledge on all things related to your pregnancy and baby.

The Fix Program offers two Pilates for pregnancy programs:

Pregnancy classes

All pregnancy Pilates programs begin with an hour long assessment where we discuss any past history or pregnancy-related issues you may be experiencing. We will also determine your own personal goals for labour and after the arrival of your baby.

A thorough but gentle physical assessment will be carried out to determine any postural weaknesses and alignment changes and pelvic floor issues.

Medical clearance from your GP or Obstetrician is compulsory before commencing either the pregnancy Pilates classes.

The classes will then run for an hour, weekly over 10 consecutive weeks.

Download and print the medical clearance form.

Post-natal classes

Post-natal pregnancy Pilates classes begin with an hour long assessment to determine the outcomes of your labour and to determine any pain or difficulties with your back, neck and pelvic floor since the birth of your baby. A gentle physical assessment and pelvic floor tuition will also be carried out. Medical clearance is again compulsory before commencing this program.

These classes will run for an hour, weekly over 6 consecutive weeks.

Download and print the medical clearance form.

How much do these classes cost?
Your assessment will cost $149 for the hour and all classes are $41 each. Payment is in advance for your term of six or ten classes. A full receipt will be issued for your health fund.

Can I claim for these classes?
Yes, as these pregnancy Pilates classes are taught by a Physiotherapist, most private health funds will pay a rebate for each of your classes. Check with your fund for eligibility and amount rebated.

What are the classes like?
Our pregnancy Pilates classes will be gentle, informative and fun and are specifically tailored for pregnant and post-pregnant bodies. Exercises will help you to discover and strengthen the pelvic floor and other deep pelvic muscles to assist you in your changing postures (and bladders) during and after your pregnancy. Leg strengthening exercises and breathing techniques will be included to help with the childbirth process. Stretching, gentle mobility exercises and relaxation techniques will complete the class for the wellbeing of you and baby.

Exercises in lying, sitting and standing postures will be included. Equipment such as resistance therabands and swiss balls will assist in progressing your exercises safely and effectively.

Each week your exercises will be progressed into new positions that are more challenging for you. Our pregnancy Pilates classes are fun and the atmosphere is relaxed and supportive. You will be closely supervised by a physiotherapist who will help you to improve your technique and posture.

Educational discussions and handouts will be included in pregnancy-related topics. These will range from physical and physiological changes to expect in your bodies in pregnancy, active labouring postures and safe handling suggestions and postures once your baby arrives.

Who teaches the classes?
A team of specialised Physiotherapists with expert knowledge of therapeutic exercise methods for pregnancy. Each Physiotherapist has been specially trained and certified to teach The Fix Program for Pregnancy.

What should I wear?
Something flexible and comfortable.

What do I need to bring?
Yourselves and a drink of water. All mats and other equipment needed in your classes will be provided.

How many are in a class?
There are never more than eight in a post-natal or pregnancy Pilates class.

Where will these classes be held?
Our Sydney CBD studio will offer both the pregnancy Pilates class and post-natal Pilates class.

When is it safe to start the exercises when pregnant?
Our Pilates for pregnancy classes are safe to begin as soon as you know you are pregnant, or wishing to become so. Any concerns will be highlighted as a medical clearance from your Doctor is compulsory. Bring this completed form to your assessment with the Physiotherapist. The sooner you commence a program, the better prepared your body and pelvic floor muscles will be for your changing body shape, pelvis, spine and pelvic floor.

When is it safe to start these classes after I have had my baby?
Obstetricians will differ widely in their recommendations here, so again, medical clearance is compulsory. It is suggested that gentle pelvic floor exercises and stretches can commence from a very early point after labour, but with each different labour outcome (for instance, episiotomies, pelvic floor trauma, caesarean sections), there may be a need for some recovery time. We would recommend starting a pregnancy-specific Pilates program like this one after 6 weeks post-labour.

Remember, you have a new demanding little one, and time may not come too freely anyway. Find the time that is right for you and your baby to start your exercise, there is no rush. Gentle pelvic floor exercises should be taught to you by a Physiotherapist in the maternity ward of your hospital and these would be recommended to start as soon as possible in your own time at home.

Call us anytime to talk to a physiotherapist about our pregnancy Pilates classes.

Why The Fix Program?

  • Improved flexibility
  • Better posture and postural awareness
  • Reduced aches and pains
  • Greater muscle tone and strength
  • More efficient respiratory and circulatory systems
  • Greater sense of overall wellbeing
  • Lower levels of daily stress
  • Improved sporting and fitness performance
  • Trimmer waist and tummy area

Here's another reason to start The Fix Program

Health fund rebates are available on our initial assessments, private lessons and all group Beginners Pilates classes, Intermediate and Advanced Pilates classes, Post-natal Mums and Bubs Pilates classes and pregnancy Pilates from the majority of health insurance providers.

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Here's another reason to start The Fix Program

Health fund rebates are available on our initial assessments, private lessons and all group Beginners Pilates classes, Intermediate and Advanced Pilates classes, Post-natal Mums and Bubs Pilates classes and pregnancy Pilates from the majority of health insurance providers.

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